Hacker Haiku by @prettyblocks - MINTED OUT

The Short:

A generative poetry project mintable via SMS. Text message the number and get back a poem. Visit the link to mint your poem as an on-chain NFT.


The Long:

Originally, the project that would become Hacker Haiku started out as a hodge podge of ugly p5js code. The idea was to make a more design-oriented generative art project that included text. Inspirations for going down this path include the Art Blocks projects Fake It Till You Make It and Gen 3.

One evening, between chipping away at code to generate haikus in a strict 5-7-5 format, I happened to be digging through my junk drawer where I found an old Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The phone wouldn't turn on, which felt like a shame, so I thought to bring it back to life with a new battery. Unfortunately, I botched the repair and shattered the back glass panel, but ended up with a functional device ready for whatever inane nerdy project I could come up with.

Eventually I had the idea that it might be fun to take advantage of the phone as a tie into an NFT minting mechanism. Seeing as I was working on a text based project that could fit within the confines of an SMS already, I decided to merge the two efforts. This is also inspired in part by 0xDEAFBEEF's project payphone.

I came up with an unneccessary Rube Goldberg-esque architecture that has a senseless amount of moving parts to strike a nice balance of lolz and instability.

Here's how it works:

  1. You text the number and it hits my phone.
  2. Tasker intercepts and dispatches a request to the API.
  3. The API generates a Hacker Haiku (each haiku is also signed).
  4. Tasker autoreplies with the haiku and mint link.
  5. Upon mint, the smart contract verifies the sigature of each haiku to prevent counterfeits.
  6. The contents of the poem are populated into an SVG template.

***Each NFT is stored completely on chain! Text the phone as much as you like and mint only the haikus that you like! 0.01 ETH each! Project closes at 1337 mints! Read the disclaimer!***

Review the contract on Etherscan: 0x0b77583d36ee81fdf1b1504d6d7554cd89063101
@ me on Twitter if the phone is down: @prettyblocks
Check out Hacker Haiku on OpenSea: Hacker Haiku on OpenSea


***Hacker Haiku is an art project that I built for myself and my friends. Uptime is not guaranteed, the smart contract is not audited, and by interacting with the project you are accepting any potential risks of doing so. Hacker Haiku is for entertainment purposes only. There is no guarantee that the phone will be up and running at all times. If you text the number and don't get a response, please try again later. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Twitter.***

P.S. - For a smoother minting experience, a desktop browser is recommended.

Behold, the salvaged phone!

I wasn't kidding about destroying the back panel...

Tasker does the heavy lifting by acting as an SMS autoresponder.

We hit the API over WiFi as the phone is limited to an SMS only plan :)